We are two blocks west of the Trader Joes on Pico at the corner of 31st street.  We are upstairs from Paws and Effect (stairwell just behind Paws and Effect).  There is 2 hour street parking on 31st St and loads of meters on Pico.  Get a fresh juice at Rejuice (we recommend the lemon, ginger, cayenne shots) on your way or a yummy latte at UnUrban Cafe or do your grocery shopping before or after at Trader Joes. Or book your day up and get your nails done downstairs and schedule a music lesson at legendary music store, McCabes, across the street.  Just saying.

Yelp Reviews 

"Great workout which included a perfect amount of stretching and strengthening. Kelsey was very friendly and corrected my forms without making me feel bad. Will definitely return to her classes."

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"Julianna turns teaching pilates into an art. She takes her time to make each experience in class unique and elegant and challenging. She literally dreams up new routines. I adore her and her teaching."
"Yvonne is the most attentive Pilates instructor I have ever met. The class was challenging, and tailored to the three attendees. The studio is tucked away up a staircase at the back of the building, accessible from the parking lot. I look forward to returning soon."

Privates with Owner:
Single private: $95
5 privates: $450
10 privates: $850

Privates with Physical Artistry Instructor:
Single private: $85
5 privates: $400
10 privates: $750

Semi-privates (prices are per person):
Single semi-private: $55
5 semi-private: $250
10 semi-privates: $450

Pilates in Santa Monica

Intro Packs: (One time purchase only):
3 intro privates: $195
3 intro classes: $90 (must have taken at least 3 privates first)

Single class: $40
5 classes: $187
10 Classes: $350

"Amazing instructor! From my very first class with Monica today, I think I finally figured out the correct forms for a lot of the moves Ive been doing for the last 2 yrs of my pilates experience. Will definitely be back in her class very soon."

physical artistry

We are currently closed due to Covid 19.  We will keep you posted on our reopening.  Thank you and stay healthy.

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Physical Artistry, LLC pilates is a boutique pilates studio located in Santa Monica that specializes in private, semi-private and small group Reformer Pilates classes.  Class size is small (only 3 people) so you get expert, precise instruction on form and function with a strong does of humor, creativity and fun sprinkled in.  Most of the teachers here are current or former professional dancers and have multiple certifications. 


Bring a good attitude (to everything you do really).  We practice in bare feet but if you want to wear those darling sticky socks with the rhinestones you bought from Toe Sox, wear 'em with gusto!  We support your freedom of expression.  If you're sick, maybe you should stay home, but if something on your body just generally hurts or feels tight it might be best to come in and get some exercise.  We can help you modify and you'll likely feel better by the time you leave.

"Great Class! Susanna Lily positively moves you through position with flow and awareness. Her hands on teaching and attention to detailed movements focuses your core workout, keeping clear mindfulness of personal movement throughout the class."