Kelsey is in love with the art of movement, and enjoys dancing on a regular basis. She grew up competitively dancing, and has been on a variety of dance teams throughout her life. She attended California State University, Long Beach where she furthered her training in modern, contemporary, ballet, and jazz, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Dance with a specialization in Dance Science. While studying, she was introduced to Pilates, and was hooked! She received her Pilates certification with Dance Specialization from Body Arts and Science International (BASI). Kelsey then joined the Los Angeles Lakers and became a three-year member of the Los Angeles Laker Girls. She still enjoys dancing and teaching Pilates, Barre, and dance. Kelsey believes that by emphasizing a balanced program of strength and flexibility, proper alignment can be stored in order to train pain free! 

*We are a collective of  professional, certified teachers with years of experience. We all own and operate our own LLCs and are dedicated to the health and wellbeing of your body and mind.*

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Susanna Lily 

Yvonne Yao

Julianna Robinson (Physical Artistry Owner)

Julianna was always dancing as a little girl.  She was in ballet and gymnastics at a very young age and spent many hours a day choreographing dance routines to her favorite songs. Though she started out a pre-med student in college, Julianna ended up (after a successful audition) in the prestigious BFA acting program at UCSB where she also continued to study dance.  She found pilates through an actor friend and become certified through Risa Sheppard and The Sheppard Method Pilates.  She wants you to leave pilates sweating and happy with a relaxed body and a purified spirit.  Her classes often end with meditation or a moment of gratitude.  *Sees new clients from personal referrals only. *

Monica Pack 

Kelsey Saunders Albek 

Dancing since the age of 3, Monica has always considered movement to be an essential part of her life.  She was introduced to Pilates in college as a way to supplement her dance training in an effort to prevent injury, gain flexibility, and to strengthen her muscles. Through this work she fell in love with the details and technique of Pilates and realized how beneficial it is for everyone, regardless of their age or condition.  Monica received her complete BASI Pilates certification (for all levels) with a specialization in dance. Subsequently, she has added rehabilitation and injury prevention, pre/post natal and pre-teen/teen Pilates specializations.  Personal dance and training experience provides her the inside knowledge necessary to give clients an individualized, balanced workout that is challenging, yet achievable and fun.  When Monica is not teaching, you can find her hiking, exploring the new flavors in the Los Angeles food scene and continuing her Pilates education as a practitioner and teacher. 

Susanna Lily is a Pilates Instructor, Swim instructor, dancer, surfer, and yogi. Her teaching methodology stems in contemporary and classical Pilates training, biomechanics, anatomy and yoga studies with an advanced Pilates certification under the supervision of master instructor Milla Nova here in Los Angeles. Her instruction focuses on enhancing muscular stability, mobility, flexibility, and strength as well as core connection, joint integrity and proper alignment.
Susanna Lily holds a Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies from Naropa University, with concentrations in Environmental Studies, Contemplative Dance Performance, and Eastern Philosophy.

​Yvonne found her passion for movement and Pilates by way of martial arts. It was this
passion that helped focus her self-practice and methods towards building “active longevity”
through balanced movement, whole body strengthening, and mind-body awareness. Working
in Physical Therapy, she was inspired by the rehabilitative success and preventative benefits
of intentional exercise. Understanding the body and its capacity for strength through the
Pilates method led her to complete her comprehensive teacher training with Playa Pilates.
Through Yvonne’s teaching, she seeks to help her clients develop inner awareness, gain
confidence, and achieve the physical freedom to live the active lifestyle they desire.